About Us

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We have certain principles.

-We have been breeding cats for years. Our aim is to work together in mutual trust for years of friendships.

-We only have best kittens with pedigree

-We do not register any kittens on behalf of other parents.

- Pictures on Instagram and website are entirely owned by our own kittens. Photoshop etc. is not used in the pictures.

-We are a member of WCF, our kittens are under the guarantee of the association.

-You can get information about us from the WCF DKED turkey association.

-All areas where our cats are located is hygienic. No cat that goes out can come back without testing. (FİV- FELV)

-Due to the risk of skin infections such as fungus , Nobody is allowed into the environment of our cats. Disinfectants are used in mandatory cases such as mushrooms.

-In terms of health and hygiene, We are healthcare workers, We also love Cats-kittens.

-The Catteries we buy kittens from are top cat breeders, such as absolu olga Sulyagina , Cattery Holyland, Kediperisi.com and verso kittens.