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Sometimes Healthy Cats Can ‘Act’ Sick

A cat that appears unwell by vomiting hairballs or refusing to eat may actually be healthy but just feeling out of sorts, according to a new...

What Your Cat’s Body Language Is Saying

What is your cat thinking? Their body language may give it away.Cats use a variety of signals (body postures, facial expressions, and vocalizations) to convey their message...

Absolu Gilda

British ShorthairNY12 Black Golden ShadedPure breedTaken form Absolu Olga SulyaginaOnly For Me


British ShorthairNY11 Black Golden ShadedPure BreedTaken from Kediperisi.comOnly For Me

Absolu Linda

British ShorthairNY12. Golden shadedPure BreedTaken from Absolu Olga SulyaginaOnly For Me

Emira Holyland

British LonghairAY11 codePure BreedFrom Cattery HolylandOnly For Me


British LonghairNY12 CodeBD: 07.07.2020From kediperisi.comOnly for Me

When Your Cat Wakes You Up

Romeo, a Persian cat and star of the cat humor blog "Romeo The Cat," is famous for his early morning wake-up tactics. Here are just a few, documented...